About Jenna

Jenna arrived in our family in late spring 2005 as an answer to many prayers. From the very beginning her light has brightened our lives. We saw her smile for the first time during our first week with her. Maybe it was involuntary, but her little grin brought joy to all of us. Since then her smiles have only gotten bigger!


As she has grown she has learned how to keep everyone on their toes, especially her big brother, Little Robby. She started crawling early and Little Robby soon learned that all toys left unattended became fair game for Jenna. Little Robby has quickly become Jenna’s constant guard. Whenever she goes toddling off Little Robby is there to survey the area and make sure it is safe for his sister, and if she finds something he missed, he is quick to remove it from her little hands (much to her dismay)!


Some of Jenna’s happiest times though are watching her big brother clown around just to get a laugh from her. She also really enjoys "attacking" her brother when they are sitting together somewhere. It is amusing to watch Jenna climb over and plow into Little Robby in attempts to wrestle with him (in her little girl way). She really likes to examine his face and will point (or rather poke) at his eyes, nose, mouth and especially his ears.


One thing we have noticed is that Jenna really loves babies. Whenever she sees other babies, whether in pictures or real life, she will get really excited and want to touch them or talk to them. Sometimes in church we spend half our time shushing her because she wants to talk with her baby friends, and she will lean over the back of the bench and jabber loudly, much to the amusement of everyone behind us.


I am certain that as we welcome a new little one into the family Jenna will be a very loving sister. I know from how cuddly she is with us that she will want to share her love with her new sibling. I can already hear her giggling and babbling with her new brother or sister.




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