About Little Robby

It is amazing how time flies, especially when we are having fun with our son, Little Robby. Occasionally I get out our photo albums and look back at his baby pictures. At those times I am reminded of what a miracle he was when he entered our lives in fall 1998. Each day I look at him and see more of the little man he is growing into. But every now and then, I wish time would stop so that I could savor the little boy moments like when he climbs in my lap and snuggles with me. I truly enjoy those quiet times because the rest of the day he is going, going, going.


This year Little Robby is in the fourth grade. After school and on weekends he likes to spend time playing with his friends in the neighborhood, building with his endless supply of Legos, and clowning around with his sister Jenna. Since Jenna came to our family, Little Robby has truly become my big helper. He really loves his little sister, and he often says that she is his favorite person (except when she is trying to destroy his Lego creations.)


Recently Little Robby was assigned at school to write a letter to someone. He chose his little sister. I want to share his letter with you.

Dear Jenna,

I like you because you laugh and I like to tickle and zerbert you (same thing as raspberries on the tummy). You are so cute when you are sleeping. I like it when you attack me.


From Big Brother

As Little Robby has grown, we have always tried to give him opportunities to try things that interest him. In the past he has been on t-ball teams and soccer teams, and this year he has chosen to be involved in karate. Over the last couple years, Little Robby has also taken piano lessons, and he just recently started violin lessons with Sharon. He also likes to go to the local library, museums, and special events like concerts, airshows, or exhibits. Doing these things together as a family has helped us grow closer to one another.


We are grateful for Little Robby's presence in our lives. He is a wonderful example to our family in all that he does. I know that as he grows older he will be the big brother that all his siblings look up to.


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