About Robby

I would like to introduce you to my husband of nine years, Robby. He is one of the greatest blessings Heavenly Father has brought me in my life. When I first met Robby what attracted me most to him was his love of the gospel, his love of learning, his high goals and aspirations, and his love for his family. Those four things are still strong characteristics of his personality. We became acquainted with one another through the singles branch we were attending. Robby had just returned from a mission to the former Soviet Union and his zeal for following the principles of the gospel was apparent in his involvement with our singles branch and the Institute program on campus. He also volunteered his dorm room in the evenings for other LDS students to gather in and have “family prayer.” Looking back, I can remember turning to Robby for counsel about difficult situations in my life before we were a couple. His willingness to listen to my troubles and do his best to provide guidance according to the Spirit attracted me to him. Today Robby continues to try to live in such a way that he can help others whenever he is called on whether it is by providing counsel, service, or love. He is a wonderful example to our family of following the teachings of the Savior.


Ever since I have known Robby, his love of learning has stood out. He enjoys school and the challenge to learn and excel each day. In fact he enjoys it so much that he is currently working on a Ph.D., so that he can become a university professor and continue his involvement in the academic world. Besides providing the ability for him to continually learn, he knows that becoming a professor will allow him the flexibility to put our family first.


While Robby has aspired to high academic goals he has always kept his family at the top of his priorities. Many times Robby has sacrificed his study time to spend valuable time with our children and me. He knows that the time he has with us is much more precious than the time he devotes to his schoolwork. Whenever Daddy returns home from school or other activities, the faces of Jenna and Little Robby light up with happiness. Jenna loves to run up to her daddy exclaiming, "Dada! Dada!" and give him a big welcome-home hug. Little Robby, on the other hand, has a tradition of greeting Daddy when he gets home by hiding in different places so that he can surprise Dad when he comes around the corner. This has become a great game and sometimes Little Robby and I will both hide, and Dad will tiptoe around the house trying to surprise us before we can surprise him. The most special time in our home is when we are all together. I am very grateful for a husband who demonstrates his love for us daily and does everything in his power to ensure that our family unit will continue into the eternities.




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