About Sharon

I met Sharon soon after returning from my mission. I was attracted to her spunk, how easy it was to talk to her, and her desire to serve the Lord. She won the attention of quite a few guys, but somehow I ended up the lucky one she fell for. Sharon is quite talented, with many of her abilities in the arts. After extensive training as a dancer she was recruited by the university to join their ballet program. While pursuing her degree in ballet performance she also played violin in the University orchestra and directed the church choir.


A year after we were married we were blessed with a son, Little Robby. While Sharon would have had the opportunity to pursue a professional dance career, she felt that the primary responsibility of a mother is the “nurture of [her] children” (The Family: A Proclamation to the World), and after completing her ballet performance degree, she chose to devote herself full time to being a mother. She has done a wonderful job. With her help both Little Robby and now Jenna are well mannered and have developed a love of learning.


While motherhood keeps her busy, Sharon enjoys a number of other activities. Some of these include reading, web page design (including this site), volunteering at Little Robby’s school, serving in the nursery at church, and the occasional home improvement project (such as helping to reroof the house of an older couple we knew).


Sharon’s my best friend. I’m glad to have such a choice daughter of God as my eternal companion and as mother to our children.




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