Dear Friend,

We know you are a beautiful daughter of God, and that within, you are carrying an equally precious little one.  Our hearts are touched by the courage and love that you're showing as you contemplate an adoption plan.  As you reflect upon what the future holds for you and your child, we pray that you will feel the Lord's peaceful guidance in your life.  We hope to be part of that future, and so we would like to invite you and your baby to become part of our family through adoption.


Heavenly Father is watching over you
Like you, we've had some unexpected twists and turns in life. Thankfully, Heavenly Father is able to take all of our experiences and turn them to our good as we trust in Him. We know that Heavenly Father loves you and is looking over you. We have felt this as we have prayed for you. He will help you find the strength you need to continue down the right path.


Adoption is a sacred trust
We assure you that you will always be honored in our family for your decision. Throughout your child’s life your love and sacrifice will live on as we share your story with them. When we adopted our daughter, Jenna, we witnessed the amazing love of her birth family. Though Jenna is still young, we find great joy in telling her about her birthmother and birthfather whom we love so dearly. Through our experiences we have come to understand that adoption is a sacred trust between families that is founded on deep and enduring love. We already have this kind of love for you, and we will share that with your child.


We will honor your trust
The two of us will always do our best to provide a home for your child where education is valued, love is central, fun is a contagious, and faith in the gospel is taught daily through our actions. As your child enters our family they will also be eagerly welcomed by a devoted big brother, Robby, and energetic big sister, Jenna. Together as a family, we will work to teach and guide your child throughout his/her life. We know you care deeply about the spirit that you are carrying, and we will do our part to honor your trust in us.


Welcome to our family
As our birthmother, you will be an important part of our family, too. We hope to develop a relationship with you that we are all comfortable with. Whether you prefer to be relatively involved in your child's life or to be less so, we are supportive of the level of openness you desire.


Until we meet…
We are so excited to learn more about you and about the hopes and dreams you have for your baby. As we await meeting you, we wonder about your personality, the shape of your smile, the light in your eyes. Someday this child within you will mirror many of these traits. Much of the goodness and talents and joys in him or her will come from you. Your child will forever be grateful for the life you gave them.


Thank you for visiting with our family. Be assured that we are praying for you at this time. As we close this letter, we want to once again extend our open arms and invite you and your baby to become a part of our future and our family.


With love, Robert, Sharon, Little Robby, and Jenna



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© Robert and Sharon 2007