Our Adoption Story

In early spring 2005 we were elated to find out that we had been selected by a birth mother to adopt her baby girl. The baby was due in late spring, so we had about six weeks to prepare for her arrival. When we received notification that we had been chosen we were also asked if we could travel to meet the birth mother and birth father. It just so happened that we were already planning a trip to a place close by over Spring Break, so we were able to easily include a visit with the birth parents in our trip.


Robby and I were both excited and a little nervous before our meeting with Stacey* and John*, but once we began talking with them we felt more relaxed. We talked about everyone's backgrounds and interests, shared personal stories, and discussed Stacey and John's desires for their daughter. Our time with them lasted only about an hour. As our meeting closed we wished that we had had more time to get to know them. I felt as if Stacey and John were members of our family who we had not seen in a long, long time, and I wanted to have more time to talk about all the years that had passed.


After our trip, we spent time putting our house in order to welcome the new baby. Stacey and John gave us the opportunity to name the baby, so we also spent many evenings searching and discussing which name we would choose for her. After much thought we selected Jenna. When we emailed Stacey to tell her which name we chose, she sent a reply and told us that she and her family had been calling the baby "Jezza." Evidently, a friend of hers had nicknamed the baby "Jezebel" and the nickname had been shortened to "Jezza." We all found it surprising that the name we chose was so close to the name she had already been calling the baby!


The weeks passed quickly and a few days before the official due date we received the phone call that we had been waiting for to let us know that Jenna was on her way. As Stacey's labor progressed, we packed up our things and jumped into the car for a day-long drive to Utah. It was hard to believe that after waiting for so many years our little one was finally on her way. On our drive to Utah, we received what I felt was a confirmation that our baby was here when we looked into the sky and saw a rainbow.


Our prayers were answered the next day when we entered Stacey's hospital room and she presented us with sweet little Jenna. Many tears were shed by all who were present. It was truly a bittersweet moment. My heart broke as I thought of the incredible sacrifice that Stacey and John chose to make because of the tremendous love they had for their beautiful daughter. I was awed by the trust they placed in us to raise and love this sweet little spirit. My heart was filled as I beheld the precious bundle that Stacey placed in my arms. During that brief time we spoke of our love for each other and for little Jenna. Yet once again, when that time drew to a close I wished we could have shared more time with Stacey and her family.


Since that day, not a day goes by that Robby and I are not grateful for the courageous decision Stacey and John made to place Jenna with our family. Jenna brought with her a natural ability to smile and laugh that has lit up our lives. She has become her big brother's favorite person. It is amazing how love and happiness grows exponentially when a new child comes into the family. As time has passed, we still keep in touch with Stacey through emails. We have also set up a separate family internet site that allows us to post pictures, video clips, and stories so that Stacey and John can visit anytime to see Jenna and how she is growing and learning new things.


After experiencing the blessings that come through adoption, I know that it is truly a miracle! Robby, Little Robby, Jenna, and I are anxious to welcome another little miracle into our lives.


*Names have been changed.


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