Dear Friends,


Not long ago our family experienced the miracle of adoption when we welcomed our daughter, Jenna, into the family. It was such a wonderful blessing for us to form a relationship of love, hope, and trust with Jenna’s birthparents, Stacey* and John.* Now as we begin the process of adoption again our hearts are filled with anticipation for the opportunity to share that same love, hope, and trust with a new birth family. Each day that we see Jenna’s sweet face we are grateful for the tremendous love that Stacey and John demonstrated for their daughter as they chose adoption for her. We pray that as you contemplate the decisions before you that you will be guided to make the best choice for your situation. We thank you for taking the time to consider whether our family will be part of your plan for your child. As you read this letter and look through our internet site we hope to give you a glimpse of who we are and who your child would become as part of our family.


One of the many reasons that we made the decision to adopt was the joy and honor we have felt as parents. Through our relationship with our son and daughter we have experienced the incomparable happiness that comes from teaching and raising children. We have found while raising Little Robby and Jenna that our joy has increased with each step they make in their lives. In April 2006, Jenna started walking. With each attempt she made we watched her little wobbles and struggles to stay on balance. Little Robby would get excited and count each of his sister’s steps. And when she would fall down we all cheered for her and encouraged her to get up and try again. Just as we celebrated Jenna’s first steps, we cherish each success our children have. When they fall we help them get back up again and tell them they can do it! These are the moments we look forward to with our children.


In our family, spending time together is our top priority. We all look forward to doing things together, whether it be reading a good book together while relaxing at home, sharing the events of the day over dinner, or going on a fun family outing or vacation. We have the most fun when we explore our interests together. For instance, from the time that Little Robby was very young he has had a great interest in planes, particularly military jets. One year we found out that the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron called the Blue Angels was coming to a local air show, so we bought tickets and took him to see them in person. It was so much fun seeing his eyes light up as the jets zoomed over our heads and watching how excited he was to get one of the pilot’s autographs after the show. It is wonderful to share in our children’s interests because we find that it helps us to learn about and understand who they are as individuals.


Finally and most importantly, in our home we feel our greatest responsibility as parents lies in teaching our children that they are sons and daughters of their Heavenly Father, who loves them. We feel we have already been entrusted with two precious spirit children and it is our duty to nourish them with the word of God so that they might walk with us back to the presence of Heavenly Father. We have a strong feeling that Little Robby and Jenna are not the only ones who will be a part of our eternal family unit. We look forward with great anticipation to the day when we will receive another child into our home because we know that our greatest joy is found in the family, and we definitely have room in our hearts for more children. We have always wanted to have a big family and hope that this can be made possible through the miracle of adoption. We eagerly await the time when we can unite with another wonderful birth family in loving another child.


With love,


Robby, Sharon, Little Robby, and Jenna


*Names have been changed.


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