Sharon's Family

I feel very blessed to have my family. I am the youngest child of three. I have an older brother and sister. Growing up, I was the only child at home most of the time. As a result, my parents were able to provide me with many opportunities to develop my interests in music and dance, for which I am very grateful.


My siblings are much older than me, so I have always looked up to them. My sister began dance before I did and was my inspiration to start taking ballet classes. Eventually, I developed a love of dancing just like her, and I chose to major in ballet in college.


My brother is somewhat of an entrepreneur. He likes to own his businesses and be his own boss. I admire the fact that he is wise and very observant in the decisions he makes. He is not afraid to try something new, and he works hard to be successful. I try to work hard and succeed in my own endeavors like him.


My brother, sister, and I have all had our children within the last eight years. It has been fun sharing our experiences of parenthood with each other. I love to talk to both of my siblings, and when possible we travel to visit.


My parents have always been a strength to me. Throughout my life they have always been willing to help me in any way needed. Now that I am grown I try to call them each week to report the latest news, ask for advice or opinions, and express my love. They also make an effort to come and visit us or we go and visit them every two to three months. My children love them very much and are excited to talk to them on the phone and see them when they visit. I feel blessed that my children have a close relationship with my parents.



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