Our Story

Written by Sharon [comments by Robby]


Robby and I met through church.  We both attended the singles branch of the church and the weekly religious classes (Institute).  The first time I remember meeting Robby we were both at the opening social of the Branch, celebrating the beginning of a new school year.  He was a sophomore Russian major (he later changed to accounting) and had just returned from his two-year mission the month before, and I was a freshman ballet major.  This social was held the weekend after the first week of classes.  So I walked into the house where it was being held, and I found Robby sitting there doing homework!  At a social!  I had never even seen him before, and I approached him to ask what he was doing.  He replied, “Homework.”  And I said, “We’re at a social, and you’re doing homework?!  You’re supposed to be having fun!”


[In my defense, I’ll say that I was partied out by this point and had to wait on my ride to get back to campus.  I also had this Russian class that required hours and hours of translating for each class.  Since nothing else interesting seemed to be going on, I thought I’d be a good boy and get my homework done.]


Okay, so the sparks weren’t flying at that point.  [Well, maybe not on Sharon’s part, but I thought she was cute and spunky from the first time I saw her.]  In fact, if you had told me that I had just met my future husband I would have laughed.  Because I thought it was ridiculous to do homework at a social, I found enjoyment in teasing him from time to time after that.  Like the day about a month later that several of us from the branch were gathering in his dorm room, and he was eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon.  I thought it was disgusting, so I started teasing him.  I asked him what he would do if I knocked his next spoonful of peanut butter and got it on his face.  He replied by saying, “You don’t know what I‘ve done to my sisters.”


I have to tell you that I thought Robby looked like the most innocent young man, and I certainly couldn’t picture him doing anything in retaliation.  So I decided to take my chances, and I knocked the next spoonful of peanut butter and dabbed him ever so slightly on the nose.  I know, it wasn’t very nice of me, was it?!  Well, I guess I got my just due because the next thing I knew I had a spoonful of peanut butter in my hair!  [She did deserve it, after all.]  I attempted to return the favor, but he managed to keep away and stay clean until he decided to surrender just so I could have my satisfaction.  We still joke about the peanut butter fight from time to time.  And I still protest that it took me three times of shampooing my hair to get the peanut butter smell out.  [I think I just had to wash my hair once. ]


These moments were the very beginning.  It ended up taking us several more months to finally get together.  It wasn’t until the end of our first semester when I offered to give him a ride home for Christmas that we realized there was more there than just friendly teasing.  His family lived three hours from our university, and my family lived another four hours from there.  I had never driven seven hours by myself, and so I welcomed the company that he would provide for the first leg of the journey.  He also asked his family if I could spend the night at their house, so that I wouldn’t have to drive the whole way in one day. 


So the story goes, when Robby asked his dad if “Sharon” could spend the night in the spare bedroom, his dad claims that what he heard was could “Ron” stay over.  [I did say “Sharon,” though my dad still good-naturedly claims I didn’t.]  My father-in-law said he was really surprised when a girl showed up at the door with Robby.   It was on that drive that we found out that we had a lot in common.  We had such a good time talking.  The night we arrived his two-year-old brother wanted to watch the movie Babe for the umpteenth time, so we all sat down and started watching it together.  By the end though, most everyone lost interest and went off to do other things, probably because Robby and I were getting a little cuddly.  At one point his dad started to walk into the room and retreated back to where Robby’s mom was working in the kitchen.  I could heard him say, “I thought so!” confirming the fact that he suspected something romantic was developing. 


The next day we got permission for me to stay for one more night with Robby’s family, and we went on our first date.  That night I was my direct self, and I posed the question, “So where is this going?”  Robby was a little shocked since this was only the first date, but this was only an indication of the whirlwind to come since we were engaged thirteen days later and were married later that year.


It’s been almost ten years since we got married, and we both agree it was the best decision we ever made.  [Agreed.]





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