Our Values

Love is central

Two-year-old Jenna has a very particular bedtime routine that she makes sure we don't forget.  She must have two dolls, covers pulled up, a story, a drink of water, music from her music box, and most importantly, hugs and kisses from Mommy, Daddy, and especially her brother, Robby!  We are doing our best to make our home a place where our children know they are loved.  We want them to be able go to bed surrounded by peace and awake the next day happy to see each of us.  And we want them to know that no matter what, Mom and Dad have open arms any time of the day or night.  We are anxious to share this kind of love with your baby.

Education is valued

Visiting the Star Wars exhibitEach and every day of our lives we are surrounded by learning opportunities.  We value education in all its facets: personal experience, formal schooling, and the magic of discovery.  Each day we strive to teach our children to enjoy learning and do their best in all their activities.  We also enjoy exploring our children's interests together, like the time we took Little Robby to a special science museum exhibit that was about one of his favorite things: Star Wars.  He loved learning about the behind-the-scenes secrets  of how they made the movies and about real-life robots.  As your baby enters our family we will share with them the joy of learning and provide them opportunities to discover and develop their talents.   Along the way, we look forward to learning with them. 

Fun is contagious

As a family, we like to take time to enjoy life.  Whether it's playing late night board games, going sight seeing to places like Carlsbad Caverns on our family vacations, reading stacks of books snuggled on the couch, or setting up blanket forts in the living room, we love to have fun together.  It's not uncommon to find Dad in the backyard blowing bubbles for Jenna while trying to fend off water gun attacks from Little Robby, or Mom dancing her heart out with both the kids.  Perhaps best of all is watching Little Robby and Jenna come up with their own silly games to play, all the while giggling like crazy.  Your little one will add to the fun!

Faith in the gospel is taught daily

We strive to do those things that strengthen our family such as daily scripture study and prayer.  Each night as we gather for scriptures and prayer, Jenna insists that she be the one who gets the scriptures off the bookcase for us.  She also likes to say family and meal prayers, which are noted for their brevity and sweetness.  In addition to these things, we try to invite the Spirit into our home through good music.  All of us love to listen to music, and in the last couple of years we have enjoyed adding Little Robby's live piano and violin “performances.”  This good music helps to set a peaceful atmosphere in our home that encourages us to choose the right.  We want all of our children to grow up feeling the love that Heavenly Father has for them.




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