You and Your Baby

Open vs. Closed Adoption

We look forward to developing an adoptive situation that we're all comfortable with. If it's important to you that we have an open adoption, it's important to us, too. We currently maintain a semi-open adoption with Jenna's birthmom because that's what is most comfortable to her. For now, we periodically exchange emails and our family regularly posts pictures, stories, and videoclips about Jenna on a website for Jenna's birth parents and their families to view at any time. Jenna's birthmom also knows that we are willing to have a more open adoption, if and when she desires a closer relationship.

A Website About Your Baby

As part of our committment to you, we'll design a website all about your baby exclusively for you and the family and friends with whom you wish to share it. The screenshot shown to the right is the site we designed for Jenna's birth parents. On your baby's website we will record stories and post pictures and videoclips on a regular basis for you to view whenever you want. We hope that you'll always feel like information about your little one is at your fingertips.

Birth Parent Relationship

We want you to know that we already have a great love for you, though we do not know you yet. We recognize that you're placing your child for adoption because of the amazing love you have for your child, and we have great respect for that. In our relationship with Jenna's birth parents, we feel honored to be entrusted with raising such a sweet little girl. We love her birth parents and feel eternally indebted to them for their sacrifice. We know we will have the same feelings for you.

What Your Baby Will Know About You

Although our daughter, Jenna, is not yet old enough to understand what adoption means, we enjoy showing her birthmom's picture to her and telling Jenna that her birthmom loves her. In the same way, your baby will always know that you chose adoption because you truly love him/her. We know that your love for this child will never end, and we will do our part to communicate that to him/her.



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